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Today the Company provides the widest complex of services in the field of scientific and technical and environmental consulting in the Russian Federation.

Environmental consulting

Pre-investment assessment of environmental risks.�
The pre-investment analysis of environmental risks is needed upon purchase of a land plot for construction of an object (cottage settlement, supermarket, industrial enterprise, airport etc.) and also is recommended upon purchase of operating industrial, recreational, residential and other objects.

Pre-investment assessment includes:

Carrying out of engineering-environmental researches
EcoStandard Group is ready to carry out engineering-environmental researches on a wide spectrum of directions of any types of complexity with further support of the results in the supervising state structures.


Environmental support of construction works

Anti-recessionary environmental management

Scientific and technical consulting

EcoStandard Group carries out analytical works in the field of production and technical analysis, development of innovative approaches in designing, construction and production, and also marketing researches in the field of technologies and scientific innovations. The Company offers a unique selection of experts and advisers in various scientific spheres, thereby it successfully copes with the most difficult tasks.

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